Silica Gel – Desiccants

Everybody knows them, these little bags that nowadays can be found in any product packaging. As useless they might seem for unwrapped HiFi amplifiers, as essential they are for their transport. Due to its chemical composition Silica gels have a strong affinity to humidity and liquid, considering its size. Therefore, they absorb any humidity from the air. This is why they are so effective and reliable when it comes to prevent any damage caused by moisture. During storage and transport in all closed containers.

The name might be misleading. Silica Gel is not soft, but consists of small crystals, which absorb humidity from the environmental air. They do not clump together and are chemically inert. This means they form an inert mass and only have to satisfy “their thirst”. Therefore they are absolutely non-hazardous, ecologically harmless and can be used, without hesitation for food, films and other sensitive goods.

After a while Silica gels are saturated with humidity and their effect is reduced. This means, the quantity and kind of this material, as well as the duration of the effect need to be matched with the size of the container.

Good to know that ABSORPOWER supplies Silica gels in different dimensions and sizes. It also shows a color change, which helps to identify the degree of efficiency.

Protect your goods against moisture. Do not hesitate to contact us and to let us know what you require.

Special Silica gels are available upon request, of course.

Our Silica gel is FDA certified.

Our Silica gel comes in a Tyvek bag and is FDA certified. It is available in different weights and sizes.