Molecular sieves

Molecular sieves, also known under the term “Zeolite“, are synthetically produced products to keep air and gases dry or for air filtering. The diameter of their pores is consistent and they have a crystalline structure. They are mainly used for zones where fast drying is necessary. They can repeatedly be regenerated at a 250 - 300°C.

No matter what the relative moisture is, they absorb  20-22 % by water of water vapor. Molecular sieves have a very low tare volume and an optimum adsorption capacity.

If a low humidity is to remain in the container, the molecular sieves are the perfect products to be used. In addition, they proved to provide very good and fast drying, also at low temperatures and moistures.

We are pleased to supply these products upon request to meet the individual and special application requirements.

These types are available: 3 A, 4 A, 5, 13 X,  other types upon request.
Delivered in sacks of 25 kg or in barrels or upon customer request.