Desiccant Wisesorb

Each packaging has some space that is not filled with the product. This is where moisture can penetrate and damage a product. In order to counteract, desiccants are used. Together with the package content this free space is sealed from the external changing environmental conditions  through a barrier film. This sealing should be impermeable to the largest extend in order to prevent any damages due to moisture during transports or storage. This is a so-called climate-compatible packaging.

The desiccant bag contains water-vapor absorbing, not water-soluble and chemically inert desiccant, the montmorillonite. Due to the desiccant’s adsorption capacity moisture in the packaging and the risk of corrosion can be reduced.

Our desiccant WISESORB is mostly applied for products where a high-level protection against moisture is required, e.g. electronic devices, steel, automotive, semi- finished products, industrial goods, classic export packagings and chemical goods.

We receive our products directly from our holding company WISEPAC Active Packaging Components Ltd. Our desiccant bags are produced and filled according to DIN 55473. Our bags have the certificate no. 5B010 of the DIN CERTCO GmbH in Berlin.

We supply different sizes and fillings. We are pleased to deliver customer-required sizes.