A lot to transport in the container – this is our space-saving solution.

The ABSORPOWER® matting is always to be used, whenever the container is fully loaded on its sides and top.

Its mixture of calcium chloride and modified starch quickly absorbs moisture from the ambient air and binds it to a gel. There will be no visible accumulation of liquid.

The material of the bag is “Tyvek“, the upper side of the mat is made of textile fleece. The lower side of a diffusion resistant and waterproof film.

You may place the mat on your goods without hesitation (sacks, boxes, barrels, palettes).


  • Machines, electronic devices
  • Automotive components
  • Metals, sheet plates
  • Food, tinned food, milk-pouder
  • Medical products
  • Paper and wooden products
  • Glass, plastic
  • Leather goods, clothes, fabrics