WisePower®  High Performance Desiccant

High absorption capacity under low humidity rate. Its absorption capacity is four time more than silica gel or montmorillonite desiccant of the same weight under 25°C, RH 40%.

  • Turn into lump shape solid after moisture absorption, avoid leak
  • Tyvek packaging material, prevents leak
  • Water doesn´t escape after absorbed
  • Wide range of application. Can be used in various industries

This High Performance Desiccant utilizes magnesium chloride as main moisture absorption ingredient. Moisture absorption capacity of high performance desiccant is much higher than traditional silica gel and montmorillonite desiccant, especially under low humidity rate. Compared to calcium chloride which turns into gel after moisture absorption, high performance desiccant turns into lump shape solid after absorbing moisture, which avoid leaks. It removes moisture in a chemical method, which prevents moisture escape after absorption due to temperature and pressure changes. This product can be widely applied in various industries in replacement of silica gel and montmorillonite desiccant.


Appearancesurface is clean, printing clear
Moisture Absorption Capacity 25°CRH = 20%≥ 40%
RH = 50%≥ 70%
RH = 90%≥ 200%
Water Permeability 25°C, RH = 90%

No liquid leak on the surface of product


WisePower® High Performance Specification

no ad­­­he­sive filmwith ad­he­sive film
2014.012 g50/75 mm3000
2014.025 g50/100 mm1600
2014.0310 g80/100 mm1000
2014.0425 g100/150 mm360
2014.0550 g120/150 mm200
2014.06100 g150/170 mm120
2015.012 g50/75 mm3000
2015.025 g50/100 mm1800
2015.0310 g80/100 mm1000
2015.0425 g100/150 mm400
2015.0550 g120/150 mm200
2015.06100 g150/170 mm120