Climate-Membrane for Container Transport

Stop Moisture directly to the weakness of Sea-Container!

Though more efficient desiccant materials have been developed within the last years, in particular for maritime transport (“box, gel and mat“), air humidity kept penetrating through the Container vents, which are necessary for pressure equalization. And, once inside the Transport container, it is hard to absorb moisture and humidity…

The result is: after a while, even high-quality absorbers exhausted – warm and high-humidity sea air penetrated the Container, started condensating during the fresh night. The damaging, salty “Container rain“ started to fall!

The perfect complement to our container desiccant materials:

A specially developed, unidirectionally functioning climate membrane made of breathable polymere fleece and pressure-sensitive adhesive is simply applied over the vents of the Sea-Container from the inside. In case of variations in temperature it enables pressure compensation and free air circulation, but prevents the humid and aggressive sea air to penetrate during the change from day to night. The dreaded condensation is stopped at the source, which is at the cooled interior container walls (“Container rain“) and on the sensitive goods.

Last – not least:

The desiccant materials placed inside the Container are spared and are able to absorb air humidity even more efficiently.

You can order the “climate membrane“ together with our proven absorber products at an interesting set price. GEL / BOX / MATTE